Studio Nitzan Cohen


Nan-15 Bookshelf

This slightly peculiar book shelf comes from the frustration that bookshelves almost always fail to do what its name suggest, and keep the books without the help of extra elements or bookends.

My reaction to it was the naïve thought that if the bookends are anyways there, why not try and make a complete shelf out of them. The most common bookends being made of folded sheet steel dictated the material and the only thing left was solving some gravity issues…

This design is made with only two parts, which can be combined to form a shelf of any length or height. The structure assembles without tools and can always extend or change. A larger shelf makes also for a very graphic room divider; where the backsides of shelves are not usually attractive, we gave as much importance to back as to the front.

The slanted elements are a direct result from the question I posed to the structure; it is a logical and pragmatic solution, resulting in a very distinct image which conveys its evident use.