Studio Nitzan Cohen


She Said Upholstery

The she said upholstery is more an independent piece of upholstery then just cushioning solution.

Both the He and She said chairs have comfortable ergonomics and one can sit in them happily for extended periods of time, the need for extra cushioning arose to accommodate standards in the restaurant areas.

I saw this as an opportunity to not necessarily create a cushion, but rather expand what these chairs are by coupling them with upholstery that matches them perfectly, yet forms a completely independent object and almost a piece of furniture by itself.

It simply lays embraced inside the chair, as its perfect fit doesn’t require any additional anchoring. This side project found its direction as a twist and turn exercise, where instead of working on an upholstered chair as asked; I worked on a chair with upholstery.

Commission: Mattiazzi
Team: Caroline Perret, Gerhardt Kellermann, Isabel Thoma
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann