Studio Nitzan Cohen



Bringing to mind Toyo Ito’s Wind Tower in Yokohama, the isolator more an illusion than a structure, more an axiom than a pragmatic solution to a problem.

This project was the first time I was free from the constraints surrounding every industrial project. I was asked to freely create an object and all was open.

As working with archetypes and typologies is part of our daily reality in the studio, it was natural to take the given freedom and start toying around in this direction. The result is a game of typological contradictions and contrasts. It is a peculiar piece of furniture: a glass tower standing 2,6 meters high, supported by three fragile looking rods, each standing on a slightly oversized wheel.

The tower in its structure suggests it might be a shelf, or a storage unit of some sort, but at the same time its expression is too fragile to actually store anything and the small distances between each plate does not indicate anything could be placed in it. It could suggest something like a table, or what Germans call a ‘Tortentisch’ – a light structure for tart display, but then where would the tarts really fit?

There are wheels which suggest a trolley, but although each wheel for itself is rolling, they all are fixed toward the center making it impossible for all of them to roll at the same time.

Commission: ‘Design vor dem Produkt’ / private commission