Studio Nitzan Cohen



Opening: April, 2010
Where: Munich, Germany
Capacity: 200 guests
(120 inside, 80 outside)
Floor Area: 350M²
(220M² inside, 130M² outside)

The Künstlerhaus-Grill embodies in more than one way the contrast program to the Vegan world below it.

It was not deliberate but eventually it seemed as the contrast ‘game’ took an extra step and almost every elements in the Vegan restaurant found its complimentary contrast partner in the Grill. Metal chairs changed to upholstered wooden ones, diffused lighting into direct spots, white washed wooden floor to an industrial shinny black one and so forth.

Similar to the classic Brasseries the Grill is dominated by extensive elongated sofas confining and defining each of its rooms. The upholstered elements divide and at the same time connect the different spaces, something like office cubicles, just with sofas.

Together with a specialized local wool weaving company we developed for each ‘cubical’ area its own special fabric and colours, giving more depth and providing for soft variations in between the different zones.

Looking at wine not only as something complementary but at times also as the main course, the owners asked us to integrate an extensive wine room. The result is a transparent walk in wine room with three temperature zones, which connects the bar and the kitchen and forms a center to the otherwise slight convoluted space.

A separate room for private dinning with its own small terrace was integrated as well and answered to the owners notion of luxes.

Further reading and images of the Grill’s one-off elements: Garderobe, Cone tables.

Team: Dominique Beolet, Isabel Thoma, Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini
Photography: Myrzik und Jarisch