Studio Nitzan Cohen



Opening: April, 2010
Where: Munich, Germany
Capacity: 70 guests
Floor Area: 80M²

We looked at the Künstlerhaus-bar as an independent entity as well as a bridge connecting the two almost impossible crowds it has as neighbors – The vegans of the ‘Farm’ on one side, and the carnivores of the ‘grill’ on the other side.

As such, the bar is an intimate soft mix between the interiors of the two. It reaches draws its character from the same spin-off game on garden lamps that started at the farm, only with black powder coating replacing the white in the Farm.

It has the same upholstery elements as the grill except with new variations of textile and colour.

We also developed extra spots for the bar counter area, which together with a black mirror as backdrop and golden anodized aluminum covering, completed the intimate yet reduced counter area.

Further reading and images of the Bars’s one-off elements:

Spot lights, Cone tables, Hook wardrobe

Team: Dominique Beolet, Isabel Thoma, Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini
Photography: Myrzik und Jarisch