Studio Nitzan Cohen



Opening: April, 2010
Where: Munich, Germany
Capacity: 240 guests
(120 inside, 120 outside)
Floor area: 420M²
(200M² inside, 220M² outside)

The Vegan restaurant of the Künstlerhaus-Farm is a take-off on an orangery with the addition of light and mobile furniture extending from the large terrace next to it. Integrating the Vegan concept with the existing neoclassic –interior style was the unique challenge we faced here.

Since any change to the interior’s core is forbidden for preservation grounds, our work focused on creating special pieces of furniture and extensive object families. Finally all interior elements but the chairs were custom designed and produced as one off’s or small series. especially for the project. Amongst these objects is an extensive family of mobile elements: scaled-up rolling plant pots, structures for climbing plants as mobile room dividers and specialized waiter trolleys.

A spin-off on garden lamps resulted in the extensive lollypop lighting family. Deriving from the iconic garden lamp they play an important part in visually linking the adjacent garden terrace to the Farm’s restaurant interior.

The lollypop’s disproportionally thin stem was an important detail in its spin-off as it took it away from the established typology and gave it extra fragility and personality. Qualities that were much needed for its integration in the space.

Further reading and images of the Farm’s one-off elements:

Lolypop lights, Spot lights, Rolling planters, Cone tables, Hook wardrobe.

Team: Dominique Beolet, Isabel Thoma, Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann, Myrzik und Jarisch