Studio Nitzan Cohen



Opening: August, 2006
Where: Munich, Germany
Floor Area: 100M²

From a night club to a vegan deli as a customized DIY project. This is one of those impossible projects where reduced financial means and even further limited time dictated what could be done, how and by whom.

The wish list of everything the space should cater for was endless. From a flower shop to a small book shop, from a market-like vegetables stall to a wine cellar, a perfumery, a day cantina, and some more. As extreme as all the objective constraints were, so were the pragmatic solutions applied – The black club interior was painted over with bright white, and where strobe lights used to hang from the ceiling, rows of industrial lighting installed.

From pragmatic as well as conceptual reasons, the project turned into a game where one (IKEA) shelf had to answer all the demands of the space, but remain a continuous object. By remaining intact as a readable unified element it became an interesting borderline object –something between light architecture and a piece of furniture. The shelf morphs from flower stand to overpass for shoppers to pass under, and then from bookshelf to large bar height table, and then from a vegetable stall to… and so on.

The different parts were tested on a prototype and it was all finally put into a LEGO like DIY installation Manual which guided the owners step by step in setting up their deli.

Commission: Zerwirk Deli
Photography: Studio Nitzan Cohen