Studio Nitzan Cohen


Skyline on a round table

Can we instigate a ‘second look’ at mundane objects? Objects we no longer see, as we use them every day. Objects like pots, pans, plates, bowls and the likes.

How can a display encourage this second look without overstepping the role of a backdrop? Can we show the two given product families (by Konstantin Grcic and Stefan Diez) in a new context? Can we mix them? How do we get out of the cliché ‘store’ presentation? How do we create a focus on even the smallest and simplest glass container, in a context where products shout for attention?

These were questions and contemplations we had while conceiving this installation which was part of the ‘the design annual’, a high-end design fair curated by stylepark.

Our answer is an enlarged round table with an integrated bench around it providing for seating as well as creating a more intimate and closed area between the bench and the display at the table top.

The whole structure is constructed very simply with 36 sections and plates on top of them. The fragile looking yet robust section structure proved itself even more important, as the total weight of the porcelain and stainless steel stacked on top, surged up to more then 1,200kg.

In correlation to the characteristics of the exhibited items as being all made out of a single material (Porcelain, Glass, and Stainless steel) the scaled furniture was constructed solely out of non-coated medium fiberboard (MDF). It integrated a floor and a backdrop in the same material creating a raw yet warm and uniform backdrop to it all.

Commission: Rosenthal/ Thomas
Team: Camille Lanfranchis
Photography: Studio Nitzan Cohen