Studio Nitzan Cohen


An wooden caleidoscope in Stockholm

The moment when a product meets the public for the first time is always a special one, but when the brand producing the product is also new, this moment becomes especially exciting; which was the case when the Mattiazzi collezione made it’s first step as a brand and the He Said, She Said chair family as its first product.

As time was limited and all production resources were turned to producing it all for the first time, we decided not to create an extra presentation system for the chair family, but base it on the furniture itself. It was a forest like scenario made out of untreated beech wood table frames of the ‘She said table’. Each ‘tree’ in our forest was up to 6 meters high and as table top it had a large round mirror facing downwards, multiplying the image and the tree into infinity.

We created lower versions as well and used those as pedestals for the different chair models. Here too, a large round mirror served as table top, only here the mirror was faced up and reflected the underside of each piece; emphasizing the perfect manufacturing and impeccable quality of Mattiazzi’s production.

The launch of both was a success with high interest all around, marking a very positive start and creating an interest for more to come.

With the image of high-end wood working coming from Nordic countries and the fair being in Stockholm, a funny thing kept repeating when almost all visitors and especially fellow Italians found it hard to believe that this was coming from Italy and not from somewhere around the corner.

Commission: Mattiazzi
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann