Studio Nitzan Cohen


‘Where do they all go to?’ Catwalk

I have never had any direct contact with fashion per say, yet I was always fascinated by it, especially by those rare magical moments when it comes alive, transforming into a space, a moment, a show.

While seeing the models in fashion shows as elevated and almost divine creatures, the likes of which one does not see in daily life I had the very naïve question ‘where do they all come from…’ (As they all seemed alike, yet so different from the rest of us…)

The ‘other side’ of the iconic catwalk is the seldom seen backstage. This installation looks at a fashion show as a complete world where there is no other side; it is all one complete world with the catwalk itself being just a part of it all.

The installation featured two 15m high towers connected by a V-shaped bridge, staging the classical catwalk. The show itself was more of a complete happening. There was movement all around – Models were crossing the bridge from either side, going up and down the towers, using the open elevators and so on…

While moving around the models were captured live by video cameras which were simultaneously projected bigger then life on either tower; adding to the towers an extra function and a changing perspectives while staging a giant ghosted doubleganger for the models.

The choreographic coordination was from my perspective the real highlight of it all where we just provided the infrastructure.

Commission: Ispo