Studio Nitzan Cohen


Bree+ / Berlin Fashion Week

Confined to an absolute minimum, the given space of 6 square meters was an extreme starting point for this installation, featuring a beautiful series of bags which fashion designer Ayzit Bostan made for German bag label BREE.

Located at the main entrance of the Berlin fashion week, the installation had to isolate as well as elevate. Achieving that in the confines of the given space resulted in an interesting puzzle for us to put together.

We looked at the bags and the installation from different perspectives: on one hand the bags represented precious Museum like items, belonging on a pedestal and on the other hand they had to be close and accessible, allowing one to feel and smell the material.

The monolithic pedestal that the bags were displayed on did just that while also forming a barrier between the installation and the more chaotic happenings in front of it.

We also wanted to enable a view at collection as a whole, looking at it as family and giving it the possibility to present itself as such. Enabling that, we integrated stairs around the main pedestal leading to a (tiny) viewing platform from which one could have a different perspective on it all.

M.C Escher’s impossible puzzle-like spaces were one of the early references we had while making the first steps in the project. It was great to see that it is that world which suggested the key solutions to our small puzzle here.

Commission: BREE
Team: Gerhardt Kellermann
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann