Studio Nitzan Cohen


444 pop-up club

Four pop-up clubs set parallel in four different cities over four consequent weekends was the project description.

Although the four designated spaces varied and differed vastly (in original use, dimensions, etc) the identity and look had to be the same. Enabling that, we planed to first create a neutral and matching background through simply washing each space in opaque black paint.

By establishing an identical backdrop and eliminating the individual character of the different spaces, we made room for a new layer to come; made of hundreds of fluorescent tubes light suspended from the ceiling. It created a new and seemingly immaterial architecture of lights; having a maze like effect redefining each space and altering ones perception of it.

The two dimensional character of the installation offered rich graphic possibilities. We played with varying the tube densities, with visually overlapping them through longer curved paths, or tilting the single tubes gradually until they lay horizontal creating a three dimensional effect and simulate a roof over an object underneath it.

Endless lighting possibilities and wild disco lighting effects running through it all and animating our fluorescent tube walls came very natural.

Concerned with environmental issues as well as budget constrains we developed an analogue version of the installation; featuring white plastic tubes and black-light lamps as an alternative. Glowing purple light shining through the white tubes replaces then the fluorescent tubes.

Different customized objects were developed as well. Amongst those were seating elements, bars, presentation elements, as well as a large interactive multi media wall.

Although eventually not realized, this project was a fascinating ride to the border between the two and the three dimensional worlds; and a great exercise in how could two dimensional elements transform different spaces in different places into becoming practically an extension of each other.

Commission: Avantgarde