Studio Nitzan Cohen


Cone tables at the Künstlerhaus-Farm, Bar and Grill

Laser cut and diagonally rolled, each cone table has a central thread at its top, enabling easy mounting and exchange of top surfaces of varying materials.

Though simple in form, the cone tables required considerable development and engineering. The final result is an extensive production series (all tables in the Künstlerhaus Farm, Bar and grill are cone tables).

Developing it as a real industrialized product enabled us to easily create variation and turn the cone tables into a variable table system. Throughout the Künstlerhaus there are four variations of the table, two at table height and two at bar height. The top plate is made in glass, black MDF or oak, and the base is made with either polished brass or matte powder coated steel.

Team: Dominique Beolet
Photography: Myrzik und Jarisch