Studio Nitzan Cohen



‘RE_THINK the EAMES’ was presented during the Salone del Mobile 2013 in both Geneva and Milan simultaneously. Two spaces and one show, a tribute to the most acclaimed and influential figures of the 20th’ century design. >>>

A wooden caleidoscope in Stockholm

The moment when a product meets the public for the first time is always a special one, but when the brand producing the product is also new… >>>

…Low-tech and high-tech in Milano


Diesel Explosions

A street installation where for the first time we had to deal with >>>

Bree+ in the Berlin Fashion week

Confined to an absolute minimum, the given space of 6 square meters was an extreme starting point for this installation, featuring a beautiful series of bags which >>>

”What Else Is There?”

‘We wanted to very literally talk about what else is there beside chairs…’

Skyline on a round table

How can we instigate a ‘second look’ at mundane objects? Objects we no longer see, as we use them every day. Objects like pots, pans, plates, bowls and the likes. Can a display encourage this second look without overstepping the role of a backdrop? >>>

Red dots in Berlin…


Mirror! Mirror!

Mirror! Mirror! was the illustrative title of the installation. Made solely of…

‘Where do they all go to?’ Catwalk

I have never had any direct contact with fashion per say, yet I was always fascinated by it, especially by those rare magical moments when it comes alive, transforming >>>

444 pop-up club

Four pop-up clubs set parallel in four different cities over four consequent weekends was the project description. Although the four designated  spaces varied >>>