Studio Nitzan Cohen


Lollypop lights at the Künstlerhaus Farm

A spin-off on garden lamps resulted in the extensive lollypop lighting family. Deriving from the iconic garden lamp they play an important part in visually linking the adjacent garden terrace to the Farm’s restaurant interior.

The lollypop’s disproportionally thin stem was an important detail in its spin-off as it took it away from the established typology and gave it extra fragility and personality. Qualities that were much needed for its integration in the space.

Traditionally produced, the lights crystal glass bowls are mouth blown into wooden moulds. The results are imperfect glass bowls with many traces of the process adding character, patina and life to the otherwise very reduced objects. The bowl’s surface is sand blasted softly to reach the right opacity. By leaving circular patches transparent and clear from sand blasting we integrated a spot light into these otherwise diffused light sources. The effect worked wonderfully, portraying round light patches on its neighboring walls, adding a light contrast and sparkles, together with extra depth and stronger shadows.

Technical and visual demands led us to toy around with the typological base plate of single leg objects (lamps, tables etc). This resulted in keeping the base plate on all elements –not only the free standing lamps, but also the wall mounted. This enabled us to easily extend the family and tune each lamp to each exact situation, while reinforcing both the individual character as well as the character of the whole family. As it made sense, and the system was there, the loudspeakers joined the family as well (being the other object to occupy the walls).

The Lollypop lights and all other Künstlerhaus lighting were produced and developed together with Markus Widmann

Team: Dominique Beolet
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann