Studio Nitzan Cohen


Fifteen as one

An intriguing possibility to explore some more conceptual aspects of serial production came about when I was asked by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem to join their ‘Dream Makers’ project (which later became an extensive exhibition)

The project introduced designers with a high-end producer of 3d printing technology. We were asked to explore the open boundaries of objects through new designs.

Very quickly in the process I found myself drawn to the magical idea of an ultimate productiona machine, a machine exemplifying maximised efficiency. ‘Fifteen as one’ is the suggested fruit of such machine. Fifteen containers, each made of two pieces with a swivel screw mechanism; all the containers are created at once as one complete assembled unit.

Current industrial reality would need 30 different production tools as well as a complete assembly line, to reach the same, almost banal, result.

Here is a more general text I wrote for the exhibition catalogue:

With new technologies come new functions and possibilities.

The ultimate freedom of creation was already declared to be here, enabled by the different sintering and 3d printing technologies.

Infinite forms, randomised structures, and complete mechanisms all created practically at once are just few of the already existing examples.

With this project I used the 3d printing technology not to create new forms, or objects, but investigate existing ones. Searching the borders of production efficiency, it is an attempt to convey the magic of the 3d printing technology through a simple product which tells its own utopian story of creation.

Commission: The Israel Museum
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann