Studio Nitzan Cohen


XXL terrazzo table at The Schirn Kunsthalle’s TABLE

Hosting up to eighteen seats and spanning over it 2.6 meters with a top plate weighing over 600 kilo and a total weight of over 900 kilos, this table is a special piece of furniture.

Standing in front of the bar made with the same dark green terrazzo it continues the terrazzo landscape and together with the special curtain and chandelier sailing from above, it is a central element in the space.

The immense weight of the table and the need to occasionally move it, resulted in dividing the round plate to cake like triangles, each with more reasonable weight (about 75 Kg). A column like base with massive brass-covered central beam clamps and holds all pieces together.

Commission: Schirn Kunsthalle, Nykke&Kokki, Stylepark
Team: Caroline Perret, Gerhardt Kellermann
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann