Studio Nitzan Cohen


When the night

One item. One artist. One hundred. The Charlie club invited us to take part in their edition series and create an exclusive limited edition piece >>>

Run, Run, Run

Run, Run, Run, is a part of the ‘Kunst am Bau’ project of the city of Munich, where certain percentage of the budget for each public building >>>

Washed away…

For the 2011 London Design Festival, DesignMarketo created ‘Bar Alto’ -a pop up bar referring >>>

Fifteen as one

An intriguing possibility to explore some more conceptual aspects of serial production came about when I was >>>

Rolling planters

Another offspring of our take on garden elements in the Künstlerhaus-Farm >>>

Lollypop lights

A spin-off on garden lamps resulted in the extensive lollypop lighting family. Deriving from the iconic garden lamp >>>


Bringing to mind Toyo Ito’s Wind Tower in Yokohama, the isolator more an illusion than a structure, more an axiom than a pragmatic solution to a problem. >>>

XXL terrazzo table

Hosting up to eighteen seats and spanning over it 2.6 meters with a top plate weighing over 600 kilo and >>>

Wardrobe hook

Drawing its basic logic from the free standing lollypop lights, the hook wardrobes are simple and highly functional utilities. The originally idea was to use standard off-the-shelf hooks with a special coating or colour, but as previous projects have >>>

Chandelier and flying curtain

Sometimes fascinating solutions come from identifying a problem and for a short moment letting go, leaving aside allmundane limitations of >>>

BMW Schizo Bike

It is very unusual to receive a successful and flawlessly functioning product together with >>>

Spot lights

Starting with developing a spot light extending the family of lollypop >>>

3d Molded terrazzo bar

Looking at classic Milanese bars, being fascinated by their great combination of function and expression >>>

Industrial cake trolley

With original load capacity of 125 kilo per shelf custom- izing this extra heavy duty industrial trolley to carry around pastel coloured cream cakes and muffins was >>>

Brass wardrobe

Originally developed for the Schirn Künsthalle’s TABLE restaurant as a more straightforward, paired down piece, we have upgraded this large >>>

Cone tables

Laser cut and diagonally rolled, each cone >>>

Chandelier and flying curtain

Sometimes fascinating solutions come from identifying a problem and for a short >>>