Studio Nitzan Cohen


Diesel Explosions

A street installation where for the first time we had to deal with visual merchandising and the challenge of creating a commercial Mise-en scène within the limited space of a street window. Based on elements taken from the cartoon world and having in the back of our minds Roy Lichtenstein’s wonderful illustrations we have created this visual attack (…) with an aware mix between 2d and 3d.

The texts, arrows and other graphic elements make use of all surfaces we had -front window, back wall and the space in between. As all 2d elements had the classic cartoon like flat 3d shadow effect, for the real 3d space we created the just the same using water-jet cut 100mm black foam blocks. The result is a deliberate confusion between all parts… ‘Swallowing’ but then highlighting the thematic jeans in between it all.

In collaboration with Katharina Kemmler Lambl/Homburger