Studio Nitzan Cohen


SOLO Stool

This robust yet simple and refined furniture family was developed to be used in cafés and restaurants, which is why it offers great flexibility, in terms of both its use and the variations offered. Though simplicity was key with the project, it was very important to find the right nuance and tune the right details as a means of accurately creating the right character for each piece.

In every project special details play a key role, but here they became even more important, as we needed to minimize them in order to maintain cost-efficiency. A special feature of both the chair and stool is a leather inlay, perfectly integrated in the seat surface. Likewise, it offers a wider variety of colour-matching possibilities, as well as the great tactile qualities of natural leather. Playing further with SOLO’s versatility, we worked with local craftsman on finely sewn leather upholstery for the chair’s backrest.

SOLO is more of a character, a bit hard but very round, very simple but also intricate, practical and pragmatic but offering a great deal. It’s a café chair, a bar stool that makes no fuss about what it does, a character that says, plainly: “Have a seat,” and one happily complies.

Commission: Mattiazzi
Team: Gerhardt Kellermann
Photography: Gerhardt Kellermann